a simple music player

Itʼs your music

Sync it from iTunes or transfer your files and play them in style anywhere you go, with Doppi.

See it shine

With big, beautiful artwork and lovely typography in a clutter-free interface.

Glide through it

Navigate with silky-smooth gestures and handy shortcuts to find things fast.

Queue it up

Be a DJ and take control of whatʼs coming up with Up Next and Instant Playlist.

Search from anywhere

Pull down from anywhere in your library to invoke Search, or use the button in the player.

Play it quickly

Find handy Shuffle and Play buttons throughout your library. Your music, now easy to get.

Make it your own

Choose from 6 highlight colors, light or dark themes, playback options, and more.

Completely readable

With thicker fonts, support for Dynamic Type, and high contrast themes, your eyes wonʼt get in the way of your ears.

Continue Album

Ever shuffled your music, found a song you loved, and wished the rest of the album would play next? Doppi can make it happen.